Who am I?
I make it my goal to look not only to my own interests, but also to the interests of others. Browse my portoflio and discover the creative side of my being. Enough said for now, start scrolling.
Roaming Outside the Box
I'm never satisfied with the current trends and fads flying around the web. Creativity, I believe will never progress unless we climb outside the confining box of simplemindedness.

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Weddings – $4,500
  • 10 hour coverage
  • 1-3 photographers
  • Online proofing
  • DVD w/800+ digital hi-res negatives
  • 10×10 leather album w/65+ prints
Portraits – $500
  • 1 hour coverage
  • Image retouching/editing
  • Online proofing
  • DVD w/200+ digital hi-res negatives
  • Online slideshow to share with others


Gunblood Unblocked At School

We wish to present you the most up to date variation, even more interesting part Unblocked version of Gunblood Game. In this component you will not have any type of restrictions. Gunblood is an very interesting and also extremely straightforward game. This is a game that places an intriguing spin on an old style. Gunblood is a game that will eventually check the abilities you have, your level of perseverance, as well as your capacity to shoot a target prior to the other shooter places you down. This gunfight game enables you to be in full control of being your own Western hero. Gunblood is the very best shooting game which provides you an possibility to realize desires! To put it simply, GunBlood Game is all you require to really feel far better. The primary purpose of the video game is to removal up the circuit of shootouts till you are eventually able to declare the best spot as the top marksman. This ultimately indicates you must fight a difficult battle in order to dominate the game. You will be facing some challenging competition. The sort of gunmen you will be facing are the kind of gunmen that made the Wild West so wild to begin with. The game contains fascinating levels, phenomenal wonderful gameplay will make you fall in love in Gunblood, one of the most interesting graphics will accompany you all video game long. You start the video game by fighting a basic and straightforward opponent. The first opponent you take on is one that you ought to be able to conveniently beat in spite of whether you have previous experience with the game or not. You will certainly then swiftly relocate up the rankings against opponents with greater accomplishments as well as success. When you reach this factor, you need to discover who is the quickest on the draw. As the game progresses, you will certainly discover that the problem degree enhances significantly. Your opponent will certainly take less time to fire you as well as his accuracy level will likewise increase. The benefit rounds are a major feature of this video game that will certainly help you accomplish a greater ranking. In these bonus offer goals, you will have to shoot items such as containers and also birds while avoiding striking your assistant that is standing in front of you while you are firing. Gunblood is a game that can ultimately enhance your reflexes and also assist your feeling of judgment ended up being significantly greater over time. Have a great time with Gunblood Unblocked and also make you shooting reaction far better. Dream good pastime!

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